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About the Phoenix and Jean Grey

The Phoenix and Jean Grey Maquette, an exciting X-Men collectible commemorating one of the most famous transformations in Marvel Comics, is offered by Sideshow Collectibles.

Both Jean Grey and The Phoenix are here to represent the fan-favorite mutant’s flaming rebirth, as depicted in the maquette, which is 26″ tall and 20.5” broad and was inspired by the X-Men comics. Phoenix rises in the background with flaming wings outstretched, while Jean Grey stands in the foreground, her psyche torn by the incredible psychic force. Crossed girder beams are melted by the Phoenix Force’s overwhelming power as the firebird rears up at the rear of the show.

Two fully sculpted figures are displayed in the flaming atmosphere base of the polystone Phoenix and Jean Grey Maquette, which represents the dichotomy of creation and destruction. While her Phoenix persona is sporting her distinctive green and black bodysuit, Jean Grey is sporting her well-known blue and yellow ’90s outfit. Both outfits have intricate materials and glittering gold accents that give these recognizable looks a three-dimensional feel. For fans of the X-Men, the Phoenix and Jean Grey Maquette is a must-have Marvel figurine, as they represent both the light and dark of Marvel’s X-Men.

Jean Grey’s first appearance is in X-Men #1 (September 1963). The first appearance of the Phoenix was in Uncanny X-Men #101 (September 1976)

Bring home the Phoenix and Jean Grey Maquette for your Marvel collection today!

Product Specifications

Release Date:April 2023
Manufacturer:Sideshow Collectibles
Height:26-inches tall

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