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Since her first appearance in Action Comics #252 (1959), Kara Zor-el, also known as Supergirl, has been a major character in the DC Universe. Now there is a statue that presents this legend in a truly exquisite way. It stands at an excellent height of 30.55″ which makes it better to show off. Its beautiful, bright colors help it stand out while showcasing her sidekick kitty, Streaky the Supercat. Together they are wherever they are needed to help the citizens and use her powers to the best of her ability.

Kara Zor-el, like Superman, is from Krypton. She survived the disaster of Krypton as a piece of the planet on which her home stood was blasted into space. That home was Argo City, where she was born and raised. The city ended up running into a meteor shower which ended up destroying the surviving city. Kara’s parents saved her in a similar way that Superman’s parents saved him.

They sent her to Earth where she was to find and stay under the protection of her cousin who was also the famous Kal-el, or also known as Superman. She actually stayed at an orphanage and was going by the name “Linda Lee” so that her real identity would not be found out. After being adopted and staying hidden as Superman’s secret weapon for 3 years, he ended up presenting her to the world and after that, she began on her own adventures.

There were actually quite a few superhero sidekicks during the series such as Krypto the Superdog and Beppo the Supermonkey. However, for Supergirl it was Streaky the Supercat. There couldn’t be a better pair than this superheroine and her purr-fect adventure buddy. The origin of this duo began when Supergirl experimented with some Kryptonite in hopes of finding a way to neutralize its effects on Kryptonians.

Once the experiment failed she got rid of it and her pet cat, Streaky ended up finding it. Exposed to the strange radiation, the kitty gained superpowers that mimicked Superman’s and Supergirl’s. This meant he could assist when Supergirl needed some extra help. He had super-vision, super-speed, and was actually very intelligent.

So this statue is an homage to Supergirl’s legacy and showcases her relationship with her classic sidekick, Streaky. This statue shows off her delicate form and bright colors while she emerges from a billowing cloud. The delicate details of her fluttering cape to her warm smile add a perfect touch of character.

This statue is made from polystone, and has some weight of 30 pounds. This fantastic statue is available through Sideshow Collectibles.

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