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Shanna the She-Devil from Gentle Giant

Shanna the She-Devil is the female protector of the Savage Land — a hidden jungle filled with dangerous and spectacular creatures — including dinosaurs! Teaming with her male counterpart Ka-Zar, Shanna dispenses evil whenever it invades her jungle home! Sometimes, she simply has to battle for survival, which is depicted in this statue as she emerges from battle carrying a defeated dinosaur.…

Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue from Statue

Kotobukiya presents Carnage — one of Spider-Man's most deadliest foes. Carnage is actually Cletus Kasady, a homicidal maniac who merged with part of the Venom symbiote to become a ruthless powerful killer. First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #344, Carnage went on to plague Spider-Man many more times, including the Maximum Carnage storyline where the villain recruited additional supervillains and gave them the Carnage powers.…
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