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Red Skull Statue from Bowen Designs

Red Skull — Captain America's arch-enemy — is the epitome of terror in this detailed statue from Bowen Designs. First appearing in Captain America Comics #7 (1941), the Red Skull has returned to menace the shield slinger time and again. This statue is sculpted by Randy Bowen and features an interchangeable head (one with a cigarette with holder in his mouth), and behind the Skull's back, he grips his greatest weapon — the cosmic cube!…

Black Knight Statue from Bowen Designs

The Black Knight is a Marvel character with a rich history. With incarnations of the character dating back to 1955 in Marvel publications, the most popular version is Dane Whitman, who first appeared in Avengers #47 (1967). The Black Knight has been a member of the Avengers and the Defenders, as well as groups based in the United Kingdom such as New Excalibur and MI:13.…
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